Car Battery Service in Naples, FL

mechanic working on a car battery

Your car battery might not cross your mind until it stops working, but when that happens, it can disrupt your plans in an instant. No one wants to wait for someone to come along with jumper cables, so it’s best to be proactive to avoid the situation in the first place. That’s why we provide expert battery service at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Naples. If your battery is due for a replacement or shows signs of wear, you can count on us to take care of your vehicle in an affordable and efficient manner.

Don’t allow an unreliable battery to leave you stranded and calling for a jump-start. Prevent the automotive hassle in the first place by acting ahead of time and keeping track of your battery’s condition. When it’s time to replace it, we’ll be here to help.

When Does Your Car Need Battery Service? 

Generally, a car battery can function reliably for about three years, but a wide range of factors can impact its actual lifespan. Variables like the weather, the brand, and even your own driving can decrease the battery’s longevity, so you need to keep track of its health to detect issues as they develop.

The battery gauge on your dashboard won’t always tell you everything you need to know, so open up the hood to take a look every now and then. Check for corrosion or visible signs of damage like cracks. Whenever you start your car, pay attention to any stuttering during the start-up. If something seems odd, bring your vehicle to our service center for expert care.

Schedule Your Service at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Naples

If you think that your car is due for a new battery, our certified professionals can install just what you need. You’re encouraged to schedule service with Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Naples for all your automotive needs, whether it’s a fresh battery, an oil change, or any other maintenance issue. Remember to ask about our current service deals to save on your next visit.

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